Hibernation Rug

Name: Hibernation Rug Type: Rug Date: Januar 2018 Dimensions: 210×140 cm Materials: Wool, paper and silk  Photo: Maja Karen Hansen Info: Hibernation Rug is a woven piece consisting of wool, paper and silk. Selected for their unique properties, the rug’s materials vary between soft, reflective and smooth to create a sensory experience and contribute a warm atmosphere to […]


Petrified is my contribution for the groupexhibition IsThisKnit? by Kontempo. It was shown at Enigma Museum at Østerbro in Copenhagen from the 31th of may – the 8th of june 2017.

Touch – A Collection of Sensuous Rugs

The modern architecture often appears cold, hard and distant. This is partly due to a very one-sided focus on the visual sense, while the other senses are neglected. The project investigates how the tactile surfaces of the weaving techniques in combination with the texture of […]